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    EZ-Line™ Retractable Horizontal Lifeline System

    EZ-Line™ Retractable Horizontal Lifeline System

    Marked 15% Off through May 21st 2016

    60 ft. (18.3m) retractable cable horizontal lifeline system with built-in winch, tension and impact indicators.

    60 ft. (18.3 m) retractable system can be set at any length

    Rugged 1/4" (6.3mm) 7x19 galvanized cable lifeline

    Ergonomic easy to carry case

    Extremely lightweight and portable design

    Built-in winch, pre-tension and impact indicators

    Durable construction will stand up to tough jobsites

    Single and multi-span (with SecuraSpan™ stanchion) system configurations

    Internal energy absorber limits fall arrest forces

    Flexible system capacity

    Use with any 5,000 lb. (22.2 kN) anchorage device

    Equipped with i-Safe™

    ***Due to the shipping method of this product, free shipping is not available for this product

    Part Number: FD7605060-SP

    Recommended Price: $1,442.00 

    You Pay: $1,225.70


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