• BioMed EyeWash First Aid
    BioMed EyeWash First Aid
    BIO MED WASH® is a sterile, heavy mist containing 100% Bio-Logic Aqua®, an all-natural, pH correct, pure tissue-culture grade of water. The application is helpful in removing particulate matter and crusted exudate from cuts and abrasions, and in removing irritating chemicals from skin and eyes.
      Emergency first aid eye wash and irrigation

    All-natural biocompatible hydrotherapy product replaces distilled, saline and tap water for most applications

    Unique bag-in-can pressure spray for added safety and sterility

    Washes dirt and other contaminants from cuts and lacerations

    Helps remove irritating chemicals from eyes and skin

    Ingredient: Bio-Logic Aqua® tissue-culture grade of water

    Part Numbers:
    EBM40003 - 3oz. - $5.00
    EBM47070 - 7oz. - $8.50
    EBM47079 - Wall Station with 2-7oz. Sprays & Mirror - $28.00
    Price: $5.00 $7.00
  • Classic Lifeguard Hat
    Classic Lifeguard Hat


    Stay cool on the hottest days in our wide brimmed hat which is a staple on beaches from coast to coast.

    Part Number: CHH-LIFH-L

    Price: $6.95 $8.95
  • Cooling Bandana
    Cooling Bandana

    this neckband will be your best friend on these hot days!

    Easy to hydrate cooling neck bandana.


    Part Number: OM-940 - American Flag Design

    Price: $2.75 $3.40
  • EZ-Up Vista™
    EZ-Up Vista™

    The Vista™ Instant Shelter® is a lightweight recreational shelter that’s packed with new upgraded features that make it stronger and easier to open. The UV resistant top offers better protection from the sun. The slanted leg design allows for added stability. Bring it to all your recreational events and provide shade for you and all your friends. The Vista™ canopy is perfect for sporting events, backyard, picnic parties, or relaxing on the beach.

    10' x 10' Blue

    Part Number: EZSEIIS10B

    Price: $110.00 $125.00
  • Gatorade Assorted Flavors - 40/8oz. packs Make 1 Gallon Each
    Gatorade Assorted Flavors - 40/8oz. packs Make 1 Gallon Each

    Gatorade Assorted Flavors

    1 Gallon Drink Mix

    40 - 8oz. Packages


    KG03808 - Fruit Punch

    KG03956 - Lemon Lime

    KG03957 - Orange

    KG33665 - Riptide Rush

    Price: $82.77 $95.00
  • HeadHunter SPF 30 (8oz) Sunscreen
    HeadHunter SPF 30 (8oz) Sunscreen
    SPF 30 Adult Lotion (8oz) Sunscreen from Headhunter.

    Designed for recreational water use. This formula is great for all types of outdoor activities. Very easy to spread all over your body. Great for the whole family.


    Non-Greasy, Quick Drying

    Phthalate Free

    Paraben Free

    Paba Free

    UVA and UVB Blockers


    Will Not Sting Eyes

    Part Number: CCH-CSPF15

    Price: $9.25 $10.75
  • Heat Stress Kit - 16 Piece
    Heat Stress Kit - 16 Piece

     Mayday Heat Stress Kit (16 pc).

    2 - Instant Ice Packs ***  - Activate by hand

    2 - 6 packs of Mayday Drinking Water *** 

    - 5 year shelf life  - 1 liter drinking container  - 50 ounces of drinking water

    1- Perfect Cooling Towel ***  - Stay Cool For Hours  - Soak in Water for cooling sensation  - Machine Washable

    1- Sun Hat  - One size fits all  - Zipper convertible neck flap

    1 - Bandana Neck Cooler *** - Place Neck Cooler in Water for 5 minutes to keep you cool all day ...             

    Available for Custom Logo

    Minimum order of 24 kits for Custom Logo

              *** Additional  Instructions for cooling units:

              1. Take the 6 waters (25.35 ounces) from one of the Mayday Six Packs and empty it into the 1 liter drinking container. 

              2. Take one of the ice packs and activate by hitting with the palm of your hand. Place ice pack into the water of the 1 liter drinking container and seal zip lock.

              3. Let sit for 10 minutes

              4. Add Neck Bandana and / or Perfect Cooling Towel

              5. Let sit an additional 10 minutes. See separate manufacture instructions included with your kit.

              ** Additional Instructions for Sqwincher Electrolyte Drink.

              1. Add 4 (16.9 ounces) pouches of water to the on liter drinking bag.

              2. Take one of the ice packs and activate by hitting with the palm of your hand. Place ice pack into the water of the 1 liter drinking container and seal zip lock.

              3. Let sit 5 to 10 minutes and remove ice pack.

              4. Add two Sqwincher Quik Stiks, seal bag and shake for an ice cold drink.

              Weight 5.55 lbs.


    Price: $53.00 $69.00
  • MiraCool Hard Hat Pad
    MiraCool Hard Hat Pad
      Fastens easily with Hook & loop
      Air movement around suspension assists in the cooling effect
      Part Number: OM968
    Price: $3.85 $4.00
  • Miracool® Cooling Neck Wrap
    Miracool® Cooling Neck Wrap

    Exceptional cooling power you’ll feel immediately!

    Lightweight super-absorbent material holds water without weighing you down.

    Multifunctional design, wear on your neck or use to wipe down.

    Reusable and easy to recharge

    Helps reduce the cause of heat stress

    31.5”L x 4”W

    Machine Washable

    Part Number: OM930

    Price: $4.50 $4.70
  • Miracool® Plus Cooling Vest
    Miracool® Plus Cooling Vest

    MiraCool® Plus products offer a light weight alternative and exceptional cooling.

    Slim Cooling Crystal Embedded fabric provides a more comfortable fit

    Fast, 2 minute activation time

    ~75% weight reduction when hydrated

    100% ANSI Polyester Fabric shell with Nylon liner

    Mesh shoulders and sides for added breathability

    2” reflective tape

    Pockets: 1 inside chest

    One size fits most
    Part Number: OM945
    Price: $42.50 $44.00
  • Miracool® Tie Hat
    Miracool® Tie Hat

    Mira Cool Tie Hat Navy Blue

    Part Number: OM952

    Price: $8.50 $8.90
  • Neck Shade
    Neck Shade
      100% Cotton shade at back of neck facilitates perspiration evaporation
      Soft Terry Cloth sweatband at forehead
      Can be worn alone or under hat
      Hi-Viz Yellow
      Part Number: OM971
    Price: $3.25 $3.50
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